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Mauritian and Malagasy Professionals Awarded Prestigious Australia Awards Scholarships

Mauritian and Malagasy Professionals Awarded Prestigious Australia Awards Scholarships

The Australian Government has selected five professionals from Mauritius and six professionals from Madagascar to take up the prestigious Australia Awards Scholarships at Masters level at Australian universities from January 2019.

The Australia Awards program includes scholarships for Master’s degrees and Short Courses that aim to support the leadership needs of African professionals in areas relevant to the development priorities of individual African countries. Scholars are offered the opportunity to study in Australia in fields as diverse as engineering, science, environmental health, global food and agricultural business and disability policy and practice. Through study and practical experiences, scholars gain skills and knowledge to drive economic and social development in their home country.

Speaking at the opening of the two-day pre-departure briefing to prepare the Scholars for their departure to Australia, the Australian High Commissioner for Mauritius and Ambassador to Madagascar Ms Jenny Dee congratulated the scholars.

“I am pleased that Australia is continuing to work with our partners in Mauritius and Madagascar to offer professionals opportunities to undertake study, research and professional development in Australia. Through our scholarships, Australia is committed to sharing its expertise to develop the capacity and leadership skills of Mauritian and Malagasy professionals so they can effectively contribute to the sustainable economic development of their countries upon their return home. The Australia Awards program promotes social inclusion, acknowledging that both men and women have a vital role to play in championing equality in the workplace and in their communities,” said Ms Dee.

The pre-departure workshop being held in Mauritius from 5-6 November will provide an opportunity for the scholars to gain valuable advice on adapting to their Australian experiences, coping with their academic environment and developing professional networks. Scholars will formulate plans to apply their newly acquired skills and knowledge to contribute to their countries’ development when they return home.


This year’s Masters scholarships recipients are:

(From Mauritius) Mr Hemant Bhoobun, (Ministry of Agro - Industry and Food Security), Mr Yétindranathsingh Dhunnoo (Ministry of Public Infrastructure and Land Transport), Mr Ronnie Francois (Ministry of Ocean Economy, Marine Resources, Fisheries and Shipping), Ms Bhanupriya Ramdour (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade) and Ms Pratima Greedharry (Food and Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (FAREI).

(From Madagascar) Mrs Tahiry Rouel Malala Ep Rakotondrazaka (Institut Superieur de Technologie d’Antananarivo Ist-T), Mr Rovison (Direction Generale des Impots), Ms Ratovoson Robert Andrianmbololon Aharisoamalala (Mada-Aust Sarl), Ms Tahinasoa Rafidiarimahefa (Ambatovy), Ms Honja Ramanandraibe (Madagascar Oil S.A) and Ms Lydia Rasoanirina (John W. Ffooks & Co).

Ms Tahinasoa Rafidiarimahefa was also awarded the 2019 Sandra Vegting Leadership Prize, conferred annually to the most outstanding female Australia Awards Masters scholarship recipient from the western Indian Ocean states.

“Supporting women in leadership is important in promoting equity and sustainable and inclusive development,” Ms Dee said.  “That is why Australia has chosen gender equality and women’s empowerment as one of the six priority areas of its overseas aid program. I am pleased that Australia is supporting through the Sandra Vegting Leadership Prize the leadership aspirations of our women professionals in the region,” Ms Dee said.

Australia Awards promotes equal participation by both women and men with the aim of achieving gender balance. The initiative also aims to ensure that people with disability are given a fair and equal opportunity to compete for and obtain scholarships. The Australian Government has put arrangements in place to support applicants and Awardees requiring specific assistance.

Applications for Australia Awards are currently open for eligible professionals working in the public, private and ngo sectors and will close on 3 December 2018 for Masters scholarships and 15 January 2019 for Short Course Awards. Further information is available on

Australia has offered more than 6,000 scholarships for Africans since the 1960s and since 2011, has offered Mauritius over 130 and Madagascar 120 scholarships – with 50 percent awarded to women - through the Australia Awards Africa Program.