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Development Cooperation

The Australian Government's aid program

The Australian Government's overseas aid program is a Federal Government funded program that reduces poverty in developing countries.  The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Australian aid) manages the program.

Australia's Development Assistance to Africa

For general information about Australia's development assistance to Africa, please click here

Australia Awards, a cornerstone of the Australian Government’s development assistance program for Africa, provide access to postgraduate education, training and professional development opportunities for suitably qualified Africans from eligible countries.

For information about the Australia Awards, including how to apply, please click here. 

Small Grants - Direct Aid Program


NOTE: The High Commission is currently transitioning to a new on-line format for project proposals under its Direct Aid Program and expect to be able to commence receiving applications from organisations as from mid August 2017.


The Australian High Commission's Direct Aid Program (DAP) is a small grants scheme designed to assist community organisations working in fields such as poverty alleviation, education, sanitation, health, human rights, rural development and conservation.

Projects must have a tangible and direct development outcome. Priority is given to proposals that help alleviate poverty in a sustainable way; contribute to skills development; promote women’s social and economic empowerment; address significant community health issues; and/or support the needs of children, youth, disabled persons and other disadvantaged groups.

Organisations can apply for funding of any amount up to AUD60,000 per project.

DAP funds are project based and ARE NOT used for items such as: salaries, purchase of property (including vehicles, land, or a building), rent, electricity charges, transport, international travel, office running costs, other administrative and organisational costs such as general promotion or monitoring and evaluation, micro-credit schemes, commercial ventures or cash donations.

Applications should be submitted in English and in French.

Completed applications can either be mailed or sent by email to: The Direct Aid Program Coordinator, Australian High Commission, 2nd Floor, Rogers House, President John Kennedy Street; Port Louis, (Note: while email submission is preferred, please note that emails exceeding 4mb will not be received).


DAP Application Form- English

DAP Application Form- French