Australian High Commission
Mauritius, Seychelles, Madagascar, Comoros, Reunion Island (consular)

Medical Treatment Visa Checklist Subclass 602 - Jan 2016


Australian Government

Department of Immigration and Border Protection




Refer to the following web page for detailed information about this visa:

Lodgement of application: Monday to Friday (by appointment only).

To request for an appointment please email: “” and please provide the following information:

  • The number of applications to be lodged
  • The proposed travel date of the applicant(s)

It is also essential that you lodge your applications complete, and with all supporting documentation required.

Processing Times  - Visa processing times vary according to a number of factors, including visa type, complexity of the application, visa planning levels, peak visa processing periods and whether or not an application is lodged complete.

Processing time for a Medical visa application:



Average Port Louis Processing Time

Global Processing Standard

Medical Treatment visas

15 working days

1 month




This visa is for people to visit Australia:

  • For treatment or consultations in Australia except surrogate motherhood
  • To donate an organ
  • To accompany or provide support to the person needing treatment


    Note: Travel to Australia is not to be for surrogate motherhood.

    What this visa lets you do

    This visa allows you to:

  • stay in Australia for medical treatment
  • study for up to three months, unless you are younger than 18 and your circumstances change while you are in Australia
  • travel to Australia either:
    • once to enter the country until your treatment plan is completed, or
    • as many times as you want while your visa is valid




  • One recent passport size photograph


  • A clear and legible plain photocopy of the bio data page of a valid passport

Note: there is no requirement to submit the original passport


  • A copy of a FULL birth certificate if you are under 18 years of age.  The birth certificate must indicate the names of both parents (father and mother)



There is no application charge for this visa if you apply when you are outside Australia or if or you are a representative of a foreign government.



If you are seeking treatment in Australia or donating an organ:


  • A letter must be submitted from the treating doctor in Australia outlining your medical condition and the treatment that will be required, including an estimate of the timeframe and cost of this treatment.


  • Evidence you have enough money to support yourself and anyone who comes with you while you are in Australia. This should include letters from any Australians who will be supporting you during your stay.


  • A letter from the treating doctor or hospital saying they are satisfied with arrangements for payment.


  • If you are going to be treated in a public hospital, the letter about payment arrangements must:
  • come from the financial officer or the administration department of the public hospital
  • confirm that no Australian will be disadvantaged in accessing medical services as a result of your treatment.





If you are younger than 18 years of age, evidence that every person with a legal right to decide where you live consents to your travel to Australia on this visa. 


If you will be travelling unaccompanied by both parents or accompanied by one parent only or applying for a visa on your own, please provide the information below:



  • A Sworn Affidavit made at the Supreme Court of Mauritius by BOTH your parents (father and mother) giving their permission for you to travel to Australia 



  • Form 1229 – completed by BOTH your parents (father and mother) and signed before an Attorney at Law or a Notary Public.  


    The Attorney at Law or Notary Public is required to write on the Form 1229 that both parents have signed the form before him or her and then place the official seal on the Form.


    If using this form, you will have to attach a copy of your parents’ government issued identification document (such as passport or national identity card).


    The Form 1229 is available for download at




No other documents except for the above requested document will be accepted.



Evidence of Polio Vaccination

If you have spent 28 days or longer since 5 May 2014, in any of the countries listed below, or in any combination of those countries, you should provide your current certificate of vaccination against Polio.


Countries: Afghanistan, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Iraq, Israel, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria