Australian High Commission
Mauritius, Seychelles, Madagascar, Comoros, Reunion Island (consular)



Australia’s new High Commissioner to Mauritius, HE Ms Jenny Dee, presented her credentials to the President of the Republic, HE Dr Ameenah Firdaus Gurib-Fakim, GCSK CSK, at a State House ceremony in Reduit on Thursday 27 July 2017.  HE Ms Dee replaces Ms Susan Coles who recently returned to Australia.

Commenting on her future plans as Australia’s new High Commissioner to Mauritius, Ms Dee said: “I look forward to further strengthening cooperation between Australia and Mauritius in the areas of the ocean economy, agriculture and food security, trade and investment, education and research, arts and culture, women empowerment and gender equality.  I am also interested in exploring new avenues of cooperation in the areas of sports (noting Australia’s hosting of the Commonwealth Games in 2018), science and textiles and fashion.  We also have some exciting events ahead where we will celebrate our long-standing relationship - in 2018, we will be celebrating Mauritius’ 50 year anniversary of Independence and in 2020, we will mark 50 years of bilateral relations between our two countries.”

Australia and Mauritius enjoy warm relations based on strong economic and people-to-people links, particularly in education and marine economic activity.  Over the last few years, education and research institutions in Mauritius have built strong relationships with their Australian counterparts and developed innovative partnerships with the Australian private sector.  “I want to continue to support government research institutions and private sector to work together on the significant challenges of the 21st century.” said Ms Dee.

Australia is committed to working closely with Mauritius on maritime security, economic growth and sustainable development, including through the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA), and the newly established Commonwealth Climate Finance Access Hub.

Australia’s flagship scholarship program, the Australia Awards, is continuing to provide essential support to Mauritius in building capacity in priority areas.  Australian skills and expertise are well-placed to meet Mauritius’ growing needs, particularly as it positions itself as a hub for the region.

A number of exchanges have also occurred over the last few years between Australia and Mauritius in the fields of land administration and management, maritime security and prison reform.   Ms Dee is a senior career officer with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and was most recently Director, External Budget Section. In Canberra Ms Dee has held a range of positions in DFAT, including as Director, Sri Lanka and Maldives Section; India Political and Regional Section; and Indonesia Economic and Transnational Issues Section. She has served overseas at Australia's missions in Jakarta and Harare.

Ms Dee holds a Master of Arts (Foreign Affairs and Trade) from Monash University and a Bachelor of Business (Journalism) from the Queensland University of Technology. She is married with two children.

27 July 2017